Long-Term Care Facilities

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The skilled nursing and assisted living facilities are independent businesses that operate in the communities in which they serve. Local leadership governs the operations, and they are supported by administrative and consultative services offered by Skilled Healthcare, LLC.

Skilled Healthcare Group subsidiaries collectively own over 75% of the real property where their subsidiary SNF and ALF providers operate. These facilities together comprise over 10,000 licensed beds and are located in California, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, and Nebraska; generally clustered in large urban or
suburban markets.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

The skilled nursing businesses operate facilities that provide skilled nursing care at various locations throughout an eight state area including California, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, and Nebraska. Collectively these businesses have a licensed bed capacity totaling over 9,100 beds.

Most of these skilled nursing facilities have developed programs for, and actively market services to, high-acuity patients who are typically admitted to a facility as they recover from strokes, other neurological conditions, cardiovascular and respiratory ailments, single joint replacements, and other muscular or skeletal disorders.

The skilled nursing facilities use interdisciplinary teams of qualified professionals, including therapists, to provide services prescribed by physicians. These teams typically include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other professionals who provide individualized nursing care 24 hours a day.

Many of the skilled nursing facilities are equipped to provide specialty care such as chemotherapy, dialysis, enteral/parenteral nutrition, tracheotomy care, and ventilator care. The care centers also provide standard services to each of their skilled nursing patients including room and board, special nutritional programs, social services, recreational activities, and related healthcare and other services.

In December 2004, Skilled Healthcare, LLC introduced the Express RecoveryTM program (www.expressrecoveryprogram.com), which uses a dedicated unit within a skilled nursing facility to deliver an extensive rehabilitation regimen to high-acuity patients. Many of the skilled nursing operators have improved their facilities to include a distinct Express RecoveryTM unit as a part of their accommodation and service offering. The typical Express RecoveryTM unit has 12 to 36 beds and provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation therapy for patients recovering from conditions such as joint replacement surgery and cardiac and respiratory ailments and can be entered without using the main facility entrance, permitting such patients to bypass many other areas
of the facility.

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Assisted Living Facilities

The assisted living businesses complement the skilled nursing care businesses by providing assisted living services with over 1,200 licensed beds. The assisted living providers, which operate these facilities, provide residential accommodations, activities, meals, security, housekeeping, and assistance in the activities of daily living to seniors who are independent or who require some support, but not the level of nursing care provided in a skilled
nursing facility.