Administrative and Consultative Services

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Administrative and consultative services are provided to Skilled Healthcare Group subsidiaries and other independent businesses by Skilled Healthcare, LLC.

The service offerings provided vary widely depending on individual business needs and offer significant value to those being served. These values are identified as:

  • Attracting and hiring the best management team in the profession to deliver the desired results
  • Dominating the Medicare/Managed Care market by focusing on a medical model/high acuity business model
  • Creating better relationships for the business affiliates than their competition in the communities they serve
  • Promote strong long-term care management indicator results.

Following this philosophy, Skilled Healthcare, LLC believes that by providing effective and high quality services to their business affiliates, the business affiliates can more effectively provide high quality care to their patients and residents.

The services provided include:

  • Accounting and administrative services
  • Accounts payable and processing
  • Auditing
  • Budgetary development and support
  • Bulk purchasing
  • Business information and communications
  • Cash management services
  • Clinical consulting
  • Compliance services
  • Cost report preparation and audit representation
  • Design and decorating services
  • Employee benefits review and products
  • Human resources development
  • Information systems and information technology support
  • Insurance review and insurance products
  • Legal services
  • Managed care contracting
  • Marketing systems and services
  • Operational consulting and oversight support
  • Public relations
  • Reimbursement consulting
  • Tax - Federal income tax preparation
  • Tax - Local personal property and real estate - tax preparation
  • Tax - State income tax preparation

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